Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to increase speaker volume of Lenovo P70 [MTK Engineer Mode]

volume boost lenovo p70 mediatek

Let's started with some words, Lenovo P70 doesn't have good sound performance from speaker, at all speaker is not powerful and perhaps for some people is too weak and for thus but here's the trick of increasing speaker volume easily.
In this post I'll show you How to boost speaker volume of Lenovo P70.
It's like a peace of cake but nonetheless let's clarify some things.
Boosting volume of Lenovo P70 done by built-in MTK Engineer Mode аs the name suggests it comes to engineer or rather advanced users, which is tool or hidden feature for testing, configure, settings of Camera,Audio, Wifi, GPS, SIM and many more things and some other hidden parts of Mediatek based devices.

You can enter into this mode by type into dialer following code:

Mediatek Engineer Mode Code - *#*#3646633#*#*

  1. So after typing above code for increasing volume of Lenovo P70 with Engineer Mode
  2. Go to hardware testing by swipe screen to right
  3. Select AUDIO
  4. Select Normal Mode
  5. Type Media
  6. Set Level to Level 14
  7. On Max Value 0~160 Set to Value 159
  8. And that's it!
  9. You now have more powerful speaker than ever!
  10. Enjoy of boosted speaker on your Lenovo P70.
If this description is not clear for you check out below Video tutorial!


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I have tried this method but it didn't work

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Same here its invalid

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