Friday, July 1, 2016

How to hard reset and remove password/pattern Lenovo S580

hard reset lenovo s580
How to hard reset Lenovo S580.
How to remove screen password & pattern Lenovo S580.
Lenovo S580 doesn't have recover of screen password or pattern with google account or lenovo id and for thus you can't do anything than to hard reset Lenovo S580.
In this tutorial I'll describe how to reset/factory reset Lenovo S580.

How to make hard reset of Lenovo S580:
  1. Completely turn off Lenovo S580 (you may pull out battery and back again).
  2. Hold pressed Volume + button then hold Power button for 5secs until you see Android recovery.
  3. Navigate to wipe data/cache ( with volume - ).
  4. Select this option ( with power button ).
  5. Confirm yes!
  6. And reboot system ( first option of menu ) .
  7. That's it, now screen password or pattern removed also all things inside, just fresh Android device like from factory state!!
Video how to hard reset Lenovo S580


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