Sunday, December 10, 2017

Lenovo Android Secret Codes

lenovo secret codes

Lenovo Vibe secret codes

Lenovo Hidden menu
Lenovo Hidden secret codes

####0000# - software version
####1111# - factory test ( screen,colors,sound,vibration,buttons )
####2222# - serial number
####3333# - doesn't known
####4444# - phone automatically restart. 
####7777# - factory reset
####5993# - another code for software version checking
####8375# - detailed infomation about software,cpu,hw,kernel,build type
####537999# - open Developer options
####266344# - Idea friend configuration
####6020# - change region Lenovo code
*#*#3646633#*#* - Mediatek Engineer mode 

How to unlock bootloader Moto E4

how to unlock bootloader moto e4

 Here's the tutorial of how to can be unlocked bootloader of Moto E4 it don't need from oem key for unlocking.
Before everything I've recommend to make a full backup of your stock firmware check this post.

- USB cable
- Basic knowledge of command-promt commands
- ADB/Fastboot minimal drivers - download
- Moto E4 drivers - download

1. First prepare Moto E4 to work with adb
2. Go to settings -> About phone -> tap 7times on build.number until appeared message You're now a developer!.
3. Then go back to root of settings and at the end needs to be unlocked new menu Developer options then open it.
4. Locate Oem unlocking and enable.
5. Locate Usb debugging and enable.
6. Plug USB cord to PC and phone.
7. In PC open command-promnt (you can easy open with run/windows button+R/ and type cmd).
8. Type adb devices and on phone screen needs to be appear message Allow usb debugging.
if showing something like z23436556 and attached you're on right way.
9. Type adb reboot bootloader (phone will rebooted into bootloader).
if on phone screen appeared on left bottom corner fastboot mode >> you're on fastboot mode for unlocking bootloader proccess.
10.Type fastboot devices ( if showing blank you need to install drivers from device manager for thus follow these steps).
- devicemanager can be accessed from run command type devmgmt.msc
- locate Android on other devices section
- then right click and Update driver software... -> browse my computer for driver software -> let me pick from a device list of device drivers on my computer -> Android device - > Motorola ADB interface and confirm installion of driver
11.Type in cmd fastboot oem unlock.
12. On Moto E4 screen will appear message to confirm unlocking of bootloader press VOL UP for confirmation.
13. If unlocking proccess started you will see something like this on command-promt:
- Start unlock flow
- Total time.31.600s
14.If everything goes good on Moto E4 screen will appear recovery, bootloader, reboot.
15.That's it Moto E4 bootloader was unlocked without oem key providing!
If you try to boot with unlocked bootloader you can't boot it you need to flash kernel which works with unlocked bootloader therefore you can use stock unlocked rom.

Video tutorial

How to backup whole stock firmware of Moto E4 on locked bootloader

 Here's the tutorial of how to backup stock firmware of Moto E4 (Mediatek version) but probably won't work with Qualcomm version.
Before unlocking bootloader you can backup whole Moto E4 firmware including oem key, bootloader and other partitions for later which you can restore whole stock firmware as well as you bought the device and restore to original state for warranty purposes.

- USB cable

- MTK VCOM drivers - download
- Moto E4 driver - download
- Mircale Box v.2.27a - download

1. Install MTK VCOM driver as administrator

2. Install Moto E4 driver

3. Unpack Miracle Box
4. Open Miraclebox loader
By default it needs to be in MTK tab then Service to be checked at Read
5. Go to BOOT SELECT and choose 8th boot (MT65xx & MT67xx/8127)
6. Go to below and check SAVE AS SCATTER FILE

7. Next plug USB cord to PC then hold immediately VOL UP and plug microusb side to Moto E4 when you hear the usb plugged sound press Start button on Miraclebox loader
8. Then on screen will appear which partitions to be save check all partition without USRDATA and CACHE

9. And choose path where to be saved firmware

Wait to process finish and reboot phone by holding all buttons for 20sec. or remove battery!
You now need to have whole firmware in your PC.

Video tutorial backup Moto E4 with Miraclebox loader

How to hard reset Moto E4

how to hard reset moto e4

Quick steps:
  1. Switch off completely Moto E4
  2. Press Vol Down + Power button for 5sec. until you see text on screen 
  3. Scroll with volume buttons to Recovery
  4. Enter with power button
  5. Go to wipe data/factory reset
  6. Confirm 
  7. Wait to finish wiping data
  8. Reboot system!
  9. That's it!

Hard reset of Moto E4 see tutorial in video below

Friday, March 17, 2017

How to Root Lenovo S1 Lite / One click Root Lenovo S1 Lite

How to Root Lenovo S1 Lite / One click Root Lenovo S1 Lite

Rooting of  Lenovo S1 Lite is easy effort with oneclick KingRoot app.
KingRoot will root Lenovo S1 Lite with just one click for about 1min and doesn't matter which version you've installed!

Here's the video tutorial how to root Lenovo S1 Lite
Just click and get Root !

Sunday, October 16, 2016

CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A [ FULLY WORKING ]

 cm 13 for lenovo p70 fully working
Here's the a long awaited fully working CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A.
Main problem was on camera & storage but now they're working for sure.
Everything except you may met some bugs but it's normal for unonfficial compiled ROM even officially ROMs has bugs but anyway.

What's fixed:

- Update CyanogenMod source code until 08/10/2016
- Added all languages
- Improved RIL (radio communication part)
- Fixed Bluetooth (tested)
- Optimizing the video playback
- Added a double tap to unlock screen
- Works both cameras
- Two additional themes included
- And many other bugs fixed

How to install:

Important: If you're coming from stock ROM you need to install x64 bit ROM before doing thing for reference check out this post - here

  • Download fully working CyanogenMod 13.0 ROM for Lenovo P70-A - here 
  • Download Gapps - here
  • Download Root package - here
  • Scatter file for firmware 141- here
  • Scatter file 2 for firmware 146 -  here
  1. Unpack zip archive ( contains system.img, boot.img, boot2sd.img )
  2. Open Sp flash tool

    If you want to use internal storage and sdcard flash boot2sd.img
  3. Load one of scatter file
  4. Load system.img
  5. Load boot2sd.img
  6. Then press Download
  7. Plug USB cable
  8. Wait until proccess finish!
  9. That's for now!
  10. After this boot into TWRP recovery:
  11. - wipe data,cache,dalvik
  12. Then go to install and install Gapps
  13. That's it reboot system now! 
You can too install throught TWRP recovery:

Boot into recovery
  1. Wipe -> data,cache,system
  2. Go install -> image select system and system.img
  3. Then install -> boot2sd or boot.img
  4. Then install -> Gapps & Root package!
  5. That's it!!!

credits: Zormax

Thursday, September 22, 2016

CyanogenMod 13 new port for Lenovo P70 from Lenovo A7000 ( fixes & camera work )

cm13 lenovo p70 camera work
New port of CyanogenMod 13 for Lenovo P70-A from Lenovo A7000, probably it's best build yet.

Most things fixed especially camera which can record @1080p(FULL HD).

- Added double tap to unlock screen.
- Added Max audio enhancements.
- Fixed Youtube playing 720p video.
- Fixed Bluetooth headset (calls available).
- Fixed Hotspot.
- From market you can install Xperia apps.

  1. Boot into TWRP recovery
  2. Wipe data,cache,system,dalvik
  3. Install zip from sd
  4. - select CM zip
  5. Then install
  6. - Gapps zip
  7. That's it! 
- CM13 17.09 - link
- Gapps Pico - link

credits: Zormax, cacain1