Friday, March 17, 2017

How to Root Lenovo S1 Lite / One click Root Lenovo S1 Lite

How to Root Lenovo S1 Lite / One click Root Lenovo S1 Lite

Rooting of  Lenovo S1 Lite is easy effort with oneclick KingRoot app.
KingRoot will root Lenovo S1 Lite with just one click for about 1min and doesn't matter which version you've installed!

Here's the video tutorial how to root Lenovo S1 Lite
Just click and get Root !

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A [ FULLY WORKING ]

 cm 13 for lenovo p70 fully working
Here's the a long awaited fully working CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A.
Main problem was on camera & storage but now they're working for sure.
Everything except you may met some bugs but it's normal for unonfficial compiled ROM even officially ROMs has bugs but anyway.

What's fixed:

- Update CyanogenMod source code until 08/10/2016
- Added all languages
- Improved RIL (radio communication part)
- Fixed Bluetooth (tested)
- Optimizing the video playback
- Added a double tap to unlock screen
- Works both cameras
- Two additional themes included
- And many other bugs fixed

How to install:

Important: If you're coming from stock ROM you need to install x64 bit ROM before doing thing for reference check out this post - here

  • Download fully working CyanogenMod 13.0 ROM for Lenovo P70-A - here 
  • Download Gapps - here
  • Download Root package - here
  • Scatter file for firmware 141- here
  • Scatter file 2 for firmware 146 -  here
  1. Unpack zip archive ( contains system.img, boot.img, boot2sd.img )
  2. Open Sp flash tool

    If you want to use internal storage and sdcard flash boot2sd.img
  3. Load one of scatter file
  4. Load system.img
  5. Load boot2sd.img
  6. Then press Download
  7. Plug USB cable
  8. Wait until proccess finish!
  9. That's for now!
  10. After this boot into TWRP recovery:
  11. - wipe data,cache,dalvik
  12. Then go to install and install Gapps
  13. That's it reboot system now! 
You can too install throught TWRP recovery:

Boot into recovery
  1. Wipe -> data,cache,system
  2. Go install -> image select system and system.img
  3. Then install -> boot2sd or boot.img
  4. Then install -> Gapps & Root package!
  5. That's it!!!

credits: Zormax
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

CyanogenMod 13 new port for Lenovo P70 from Lenovo A7000 ( fixes & camera work )

cm13 lenovo p70 camera work
New port of CyanogenMod 13 for Lenovo P70-A from Lenovo A7000, probably it's best build yet.

Most things fixed especially camera which can record @1080p(FULL HD).

- Added double tap to unlock screen.
- Added Max audio enhancements.
- Fixed Youtube playing 720p video.
- Fixed Bluetooth headset (calls available).
- Fixed Hotspot.
- From market you can install Xperia apps.

  1. Boot into TWRP recovery
  2. Wipe data,cache,system,dalvik
  3. Install zip from sd
  4. - select CM zip
  5. Then install
  6. - Gapps zip
  7. That's it! 
- CM13 17.09 - link
- Gapps Pico - link

credits: Zormax, cacain1
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

CyanogenMod 13 Marshmallow 6.0 for Lenovo P70 (OTA updatable)

 cm13 lenovo p70

 CyanogenMod 13 for Lenovo P70 OTA 
Hi, guys here's the new build of CyanogenMod 13 for our device Lenovo P70-A.
It's integrated OTA updater feature, you will receive new fixes through inbuild system app as well as you will install them directly from the Lenvovo P70.

Features of this build:
  • Builded 30/06/2016
  • Languages English, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak and others
  • Supports filesystem exFat, NTFS
  • Integrated custom kernel v16 (without overclocking)
  • Security patched from July 2016
  • Easy installation from Recovery
What's not working
  • Everything except:
  • Can't be played music to Bluetooth headphones
  • Front-camera 
Installation instructions:
requirements: x64 AOSP with x64 TWRP recovery  

  1. Install AOSP x64 with Sp flash tool - check here for more info
  2. Download ROM from below.
  3. Boot into TWRP recovery and install CM13 ROM & Gapps.
Download section:
  • CM13 OTA updatable Lenovo P70 - download
  • Gapps (Google Apps like PlayStore, Gmail, Youtube etc.) - download 
Scatter files:
1. Scatter from firmware Stock Lenovo P70 S134 Android KitKat 4.4 - link
2. Scatter from firmware Stock Lenovo P70 S139 Android KitKat 5.1 - link
3. Some other scatter - link 
Credits: vgdn1942
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TWRP recovery for Lenovo A6010

 twrp recovery lenovo a6010 installation

Custom recovery TWRP for Lenovo A6010.

If you wonder to how to install TWRP recovery on Lenovo A6010 here's the right place.
It's really simple to install TWRP recovery on Lenovo A6010.
Just download zip archive and start bat file.

Installation TWRP Lenovo A6010:

requirements: PC & USB cable
  1. Download prefered version of TWRP from below.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Start bat file from archive
  4. Lenovo A6010 will reboot into fastboot mode!
  5. After flashing TWRP you're device will reboot into TWRP recovery.
  6. And now you have TWRP recovery on Lenovo A6010.
Note: if happens not rebooted into fastboot do following:
  • Turn off the phone
  • Press and hold the Volume Down key and the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode, then connect the phone to a computer via USB cable

Download section:
  • TWRP LP - Lenovo A6010 - download
  • TWRP - Lenovo A6010- download
  • TWRP Materialsed Dark - Lenovo A6010- download
  • Stock Recovery Lenovo A6010 - download
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Friday, July 1, 2016

How to hard reset and remove password/pattern Lenovo S580

hard reset lenovo s580
How to hard reset Lenovo S580.
How to remove screen password & pattern Lenovo S580.
Lenovo S580 doesn't have recover of screen password or pattern with google account or lenovo id and for thus you can't do anything than to hard reset Lenovo S580.
In this tutorial I'll describe how to reset/factory reset Lenovo S580.

How to make hard reset of Lenovo S580:
  1. Completely turn off Lenovo S580 (you may pull out battery and back again).
  2. Hold pressed Volume + button then hold Power button for 5secs until you see Android recovery.
  3. Navigate to wipe data/cache ( with volume - ).
  4. Select this option ( with power button ).
  5. Confirm yes!
  6. And reboot system ( first option of menu ) .
  7. That's it, now screen password or pattern removed also all things inside, just fresh Android device like from factory state!!
Video how to hard reset Lenovo S580

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How to Root Lenovo S580

how to root lenovo s580 

Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 powered Android device Lenovo S580 Rooting.How to Root 
Lenovo S580 is as easy as never before, Oneclick Root for Lenovo S580 with KingRoot app.Just simple click and you have Root access in Lenovo S580.

Steps to Root Lenovo S580:
  1. Download Kingroot app - link
  2. Enable in Settings->Security->Unknown sources
  3. Find downloaded apk with file manager
  4. Install it
  5. Open it 
  6. Press Try it 
  7. Wait 1minute 
  8. Then you need to have Root access 
 Video Rooting Lenovo S580
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